About Vectus Biosystems Limited

Executive Team

Dr Karen Duggan
Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer Dr Karen Duggan is a founder of the Company. She was formally director of the Hypertension Service – South Western Sydney Area Health Service (SWSAHS), and is the immediate past chair of the National Blood Pressure and Vascular Disease Advisory Committee. Dr Duggan was also a member of the Cardiovascular Health Advisory Committee of the National Heart Foundation of Australia, the Post-Acute Stroke Guidelines Advisory Committee of the Australian Government Department of Health and Aging, and the Cardiovascular Clinical Expert Reference Group of the NSW Department of Health. In Dr Duggan’s role as Director of the Hypertension Service SWSAHS she was responsible for managing a multidisciplinary team (medical, nursing, laboratory and administrative staff), as well as developing and implementing new and innovative strategies in patient care within SWSAHS. The Hypertension Service participated in a number of clinical trials of both new therapeutics as well as evaluation of new diagnostic devices.